Do you sometimes feel like writing it in a piece of paper helps? Does it brings you back to self?

I started similarly as I never could even imagine in my wildest dreams that I can ever write, even if I did -not atleast Poems???

This has defo made me invent a new person in me who more expressive than my own self and energetic than what I even think.

Mom named me Bhavya comes from the Indian word which means, “Name of God”
Sanskrit word which means,”Great/Splendid”
English word which means, “The name of God”
Hindi word which means, “Name of Goddess Durga”


2 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Jugmeet says:

    Awsme ji !!

  2. Ravinder Kaur says:

    Gr8 writing. ..
    Earlier which u wrote was also very nice..

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